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    If you’re looking for the best face wash in Saudi Arabia, check out Luminescent’s collection of K-beauty and other international brands. The products are known for removing makeup, dirt and sweat without stripping away the skin’s natural oils. 

    Face skin cleansers today have evolved beyond basic face washes and soaps. Specially formulated to completely clean your delicate facial skin without depriving it of essential hydration, these cleansers also double as makeup removers. Unlike regular body washes or all-in-one soaps, they are gentler and formulated to address specific facial skin types and concerns. You have mild ones for sensitive skin, moisturizing cleansers for dryer skin and so on. 

    Facial cleansers come in many textures - oils, balms, gels and more. Cleansing balms are usually among the best face cleansers if you’ve gone heavy on the makeup. You can even try double cleansing like many Koreans, which involves first cleansing your face with a micellar water or oil based cleanser to break up all the makeup, sunscreen, skincare products and dirt, followed by a gentle cleanser that you apply to rinse off the remaining impurities and impart a restoring glow. If you wear relatively less makeup or aren’t out much, you may prefer to go with one simple cleanser for your face. As an essential step in your beauty routine, it is important to invest in the right cleanser, and Luminescent is happy to help!

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