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    Without the right eyeliner, your eye makeup look will lack definition. You can add eyeliner as a finishing step, or you can even create an entire look that is built around the eyeliner. Either way, an eyeliner is an absolute must-have in your makeup bag. 

    What kind of eyeliner should you use? Liquid eyeliner, eye pencil or eye pen? It all depends on the kind of look you want to achieve. Eye pencils are perfect for slightly smudgier, less defined looks, while the precision tip of an eye pen is perfect for creating that cat eye flick or winged liner. Liquid eyeliners are also great for creating winged looks and creating sharp, neat edges. The other advantage of a liquid liner or a pen is that you can gradually thicken your line, starting with a thin line and building on it. You can also find waterproof eyeliners that are more long-lasting, so if you’re the type to cry at the movies or over a book, rest assured, your eyeliner won’t budge! On the other hand, eye pencils are easier to use, require less skill and precision and can usually be removed faster at the end of the day.

    When it comes to buying eyeliners in KSA, it is good to remember that different types of eyeliners are not substitutes for each other and it might be a good idea to have a combination of liquids, pens and pencils in your makeup bag. Luminescent offers a range of eyeliners and eyebrow pencils and products from leading K-beauty brands, much loved by makeup influencers and eye makeup enthusiasts around the world!

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