Choose from the best sunscreens in Saudi Arabia    

    Luminescent’s range of sunscreens in Saudi Arabia include options from leading Korean skincare brands such as Dr. Jart, COSRX and Kaine. Other than sun protection, the sunscreens we offer are packed with skin-friendly ingredients. The sun protection creams for the face in particular come enriched with ingredients like vitamin E, ginseng and more. 

    Why is sunscreen important? 

    Most of us are aware that the sun’s rays contain harmful UV radiation that can lead to severe sun damage and even cancer. Even without this very real threat, constant exposure to the sun can hasten skin aging, wrinkles, lines and spots. If you don’t use sunblock cream for your face, you can be sure that your skin’s collagen and elastin cells will be damaged, making it lose its elasticity and firmness. 

    What to look for in your sunscreen 

    Here are a few factors to bear in mind when you select a sunscreen:

    • You need a minimum SPF of 30. If you live in sunnier climes, go for SPF 50
    • Apply sunscreen even if it is cloudy, or if you’re indoors, as you still need protection from UV rays 
    • Trying to find the best sunscreen for your face in Saudi Arabia? First, ensure that the sunscreen you choose is meant to be used for the face. Then, consider your skin type. If you have dry skin, look for sunscreens with moisturizing or hydrating ingredients. If you’re acne prone, look for non comedogenic versions. People with sensitive skin will benefit from ingredients like rice and probiotics that have a calming effect on skin. 
    • Say no to a white cast. Older types of sunscreens tended to leave a whitish cast on the skin, that make brown skin in particular look dull or ashy. The latest sunscreens use ingredients that do not leave a whitish cast - rest assured, Luminescent’s range of new generation sunblock creams tick that box! 

    Is it important to buy sun creams for men? The answer is yes. Men are often more exposed to the sun than women, and their skin is more prone to sun damage as it has less fat. It is crucial for men to take sunscreen seriously, and not see it as a fussy or unnecessary step.

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