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    Welcome to the fascinating world of serums from The Ordinary and leading K-beauty brands like COSRX and Beauty of Joseon. Harness the power of hero ingredients such as snail mucin, rice water and ginseng, and proven actives such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, AHAs and more. 

    Researching face serum for glowing skin? Try a serum with alpha arbutin, which is known to reduce pigmentation and even out your skin. Rice bran water is also known for its positive effects on hyperpigmentation and is a popular ingredient in Asian skincare. Because of their effects on pigmentation, these serums are also ideal for skin whitening, achieving their effects in a much more natural and non-toxic way than many other skin lightening products. 

    As any beauty enthusiast knows, serums are best added after cleansing but before moisturizing or wearing sunscreen. Packed with active ingredients that target specific skin concerns, they are highly effective if used regularly and as recommended. For instance, retinol is best used at night, while Vitamin C serums are usually used in the morning. It is also important not to pack on too many serums at the same time, since they each have active ingredients and may react in ways you do not expect. Always remember to use sunscreen, particularly if you have used retinol, Vitamin C or AHAs/BHAs.

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